Tolworth is an area of South West London with high rates of youth crime, with nowhere for young people to go after school. It’s also home to a myriad of charity shops that fall amongst a dying high street. The charity shops are in dire need of volunteers and youths are in need of direction and learning life skills.

We carried out extensive research within the community - speaking to local residents and shop owners and addressing their needs. We were able to work together with local schools and charity shops to create the concept for Boost.


Boost is a scheme and service that connects the charity shops with the local high schools to train students to be volunteers, in turn gaining life skills - CV building, applying for jobs, work experience - whilst also giving the charity shops access to a steady rotation of volunteers.

A part of the reward is a Boost Tolworth card which can be redeemed for a discount around Tolworth - promoting the use of the local high street in the process.

With Florence Piccinini.